We understand you’re anxious to receive your order as quickly as possible! Here’s a rundown on how we manage shipping:

Your order will be dispatched the next business day

We ship our orders out as quickly as possible, but postage does take time. Please keep this in mind when planning your order. 

If you order on the weekend or a public holiday, your order may take an extra business day

Please be aware that although we do want to get your order to you ASAP, an order that is placed on a public holiday or weekend, may take an extra business day to get to you. There is also no delivery on weekends or public holidays. This means that if you order at 4pm Thursday before a long weekend, for example, your order won’t be shipped until Friday and delivered until Tuesday. Bear this in mind when you’re planning when to order.

We use NZPost Express shipping, so you should receive your order in 1-2 business days (unless you are rural)

We do use express shipping, so this should get your order to you within one to two business days all over New Zealand. Some addresses in rural or hard to reach areas may take extra time. Please keep in mind that COVID-19 has been causing delays with postal and courier services worldwide. For the most up to date advice on NZPost domestic deliveries, please head to NZPost’s Delivery Updates page:


All orders are sent in plain packaging

We send out orders in plain packaging without our brand, product info or logo on the packaging, so feel free to have items delivered to work or anywhere else that you would prefer to be discreet.

Special delivery requirements

If you have particular delivery requirements, such as delivery to your hospital ward, please feel free to let us know so we can arrange special delivery.