So you’re pregnant, and you’re wondering about dopplers..

First of all, congratulations!

Being pregnant is such an exciting time. 

For some mums, it can come with anxiety, and a doppler can be a simple way to have a quick check on bub and make sure that all’s good.

It’s also a great way to help dad feel more connected to what’s going on. Hearing your baby’s heartbeat for the first time is an experience you will never forget.

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How soon can I hear the heartbeat using a doppler?

For most women, with patience, you’ll start hearing the heartbeat at 8-10 weeks along. Considering your baby is just the size of a jellybean at this stage, this is pretty amazing!  

The first time you use a doppler you’ll probably be fiddling around for ages so take that into account. Some women need to wait til longer in pregnancy, for example if they have a placenta growing at the front of the belly.

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Choose from monthly hire or buy outright

You have two options: hire a doppler for $40/mth (you only get billed while you have the doppler) or buy a brand new doppler for $209.

If you only want to use the doppler in the early stages of pregnancy until you can feel kicking, hiring is a good option. If you expect to use the doppler all the way through or are planning several babies, then buying might be better for you.

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