Find an amazing connection with your baby before birth with a fetal doppler

Whether you’ve just conceived or are already well into your first or second trimesters, as a mum-to-be there’s every chance you’re beginning to explore the wealth of technology available to you to help track your baby’s health throughout pregnancy. And, like many mums-to-be before you, you’re probably hitting Google search at all hours, trying to research everything and anything, clicking through page after page to find out what the best options are for pregnant women, just like you, who are desperately trying to get a little bit better connected to their nicely cocooned bundle of joy. Sound familiar?

First things first, what on earth is a Fetal Doppler?

One of the first pregnancy gadgets you’ll have come across on a half decent Google session is the Fetal Doppler, a sophisticated hand-held bit of tech that uses ultrasound waves to detect your baby’s heartbeat from as early as 8 – 10 weeks into pregnancy. The heartbeat can be heard through a small built-in speaker and the heartrate can be seen in real-time on an LCD screen.

Should I use a Fetal Doppler?

But why would you need, or want, to use a Fetal Doppler when you can just wait until your next hospital scan? Put simply, the Doppler isn’t there to replace the role of a midwife or doctor; it’s there to give you an opportunity to truly connect with your unborn baby. More than that, it’s a fantastic way to involve your children and partner in your pregnancy in a more intimate way. Cuddle up as a family and listen to the sound of your baby’s heart beating, talk about the things you’ll do together, and the fun you’ll have. This is the ultimate way to help your family feel connected to your new baby, form loving bonds, and gives them an opportunity to interact with your new addition to the family throughout your entire pregnancy. Simply put, a Doppler is how you weave everyone together to become an important and included part of your own pregnancy journey.

Yes, a Fetal Doppler can help manage anxiety in pregnancy

For many women, the Doppler goes beyond a bonding tool; it becomes a comfort, a way of managing pregnancy related anxiety by quickly and accurately finding reassurance by listening to the healthy beating heart of your baby. If you are suffering from anxiety and nerves during pregnancy, or if you’ve experienced a miscarriage in previous pregnancies, your Doppler can help to remind you that everything is okay. Likewise, it will give you a sense of control by helping you detect any potential issues in good time, meaning you can make an appointment with your midwife or doctor the second you spot something that concerns you.

A Fetal Doppler isn’t a replacement for professional medical care; it’s a clever home-use tool that helps to empower you by establishing an even closer bond with your baby. It gives you an opportunity to immerse yourself in your baby’s world and helps get you even more excited about meeting that lovely little person growing inside you.

And sometimes, just sometimes, on those occasional bad days when you’re not feeling very ‘you’ – you know the ones, the days that feel like a bit of a struggle – listening to your baby’s heartbeat through a Doppler, as you feel your own heart beating alongside it, gives you that overwhelming reminder that every single second of your pregnancy is worth it.

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Would you like to check your baby’s heartbeat at home?

Sweet Beats provides medical grade fetal dopplers for mums wanting to be able to check in on their baby’s at home. While this is never a substitute for checking with your care provider if you’re worried, a fetal doppler can be a way to reduce stress and connect with bub. Choose from hire or buy.

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