Welcome to Sweet Beats

Back in 2008, I was expecting my second baby, 10 years after my first. I was excited, and nervous. I hired a doppler to help with my nerves and so I could share the experience of pregnancy with my husband. Fast forward to 2011, I was now a mum of 4 kids and had a dream of starting my own doppler hire business, which would also provide other services I had benefited from as a new mum such as breast pump and labour tens hire, and Sweet Beats was born.  Being a mum myself, I know that what women want when looking to hire a doppler, TENS machine or breast pump is 100% reliability, shipping that is as fast as humanly possible, and really understanding customer support. We are here to try and make using our services as easy as we possibly can.

Since Sweet Beats started, I have been joined by my last baby no. 5 and also by some amazing team members who make work fun. We all work from home and for us, Sweet Beats has been a way for us to both spend more time with our own kids and have a small part in sharing the parenting journey and joy of a new baby for thousands of other families. We are excited to now bring Sweet Beats to New Zealand. Welcome to the Sweet Beats family. 

Christine Goodfellow
Stock Management

Christine is a mum of 2, has 4 young grandchildren incl one little prem bub. Christine sorts out all the hires to make sure everything is in order for customers.

Alli Parker-McPhee

Alli is a nurse by trade anddraws on her hospital experience and personal experience as mum of a prem baby to help solve issues for mums at Sweet Beats.

Nela Tolentino

Nela is a hardworking mum of 3 kids and has worked from home managing admin for Sweet Beats for over 5 years.

Claire I'Anson
Customer Support

Claire has worked at Sweet Beats since meeting Maire through an online mother’s group in 2012. She is a mum of 2 and knows how to fix a breast pump blindfolded.